Player Development

In Casino, everyone wants to win. Those who win and lose at games perceive their playing experience and strategies differently. Customers who repeatedly play, whether they win or lose are needed to profit more. Player development examines and teaches them how to improve their gaming experience.

1. Put the best people in the player development organization. Give them a career path and pay them with what they deserve.
2. Choose frontline employees (i.e. servers, dealers, casino porters, front desk clerks) to have the role in player development.
3. Have more personnel for player development, train them with techniques in sales.
4. Focus on the creation and maintenance of relationships between the player developers and VIPs.
5. Make a designed scorecard to measure the success of the player development.
6. Pay the employees for their performance.
7. Leverage the employees and customers to invite more players to some inciting incentives.

The casino management should see player development as an essential factor to their business and for the customers. Customers are different from one establishment to another, it is best to capture their hearts.


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