Membership-based Poker Rooms

The concept of having a membership-based poker room is to provide a safe environment to the players while legally playing. It has been a long process of the society to accept poker as a game that uses skills.

There are classifications of legal games:

Charity Games. The certain amount of money that is gambled will be given to the charity. There are requirements to be able to host a charity game.

Social Games. The legal home poker game is included in this classification. For it to be considered as a social game, it should pass the following factors:

The game should be played only among friends. There are states that require a bona fide social relationship to certify that they are friends outside the game.

The game is held at a private property. It is illegal to play in a property that can be easily accessed by the public.
There is no rake.

The odds of the game cannot favor a player or a house. House banks are not practiced in social games. The game should not be advertised to the public.

There are some aspects of legalized poker rooms in Texas though that are more relaxed than compared to a Vegas casino. According to Dave Katz at, who is a manufacturer of gaming chips, says that there are no state regulations for chip thickness and weight like in Las Vegas. This makes it easier for card rooms to open with a lower budget.

A membership card room structure allows only a player in the institution if they have already applied for a member of the private organization. The membership card payment can be availed through weekly payments, monthly payments, or annual payment. The membership card payment varies from location, which can be reasonable.

Structure 1. The poker rooms are located in private properties, which makes it qualified under the Texas Penal Code of the membership process under ‘private place’.

The right location of the first legal poker room in Texas was in South Austin. It is hard to find the right place and the perfect landlord that will offer their place even though they will know what the business is to be put up.

Structure 2. Membership cards should be availed and seat rental charges to access the poker room. The hourly rates of a member can save more than availing the traditional rake. The players can also receive additional services like clean and unmarked deck, guarantee pays for winning, honest game, a professional dealer, and a safe and secure facility.

Structure 3. A well-planned insight backed up with a reliable resource in how to set up a legal poker room in the state of Texas.

There are a number of Casinos that are interested in putting up in Texas but did not successfully passed for the legalized gambling in Texas. However, the owner of Texas Card House found a loophole that gave him the membership idea.

The legalization of poker rooms made happened with the Texas Card House. The Texas Card House offers a membership for social club and card. The facility provides a safe place for gambling without dealer tips and house share or rakes charge.

Poker is the most card game being played, however, other card games can be played upon request.

The concept of membership-based poker rooms is for legal poker gambles and a safe environment.


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