Sports Betting: The Real Score

Sports betting is a hot topic today in the US. In fact, should it be completely legalized federally or should it just be legalized depending on the state? There are a number of people who believe that it should be legalized considering the number of benefits that it can bring to the table. However, if you will ask the NFL, they are totally against sports betting because they believe that it could potentially corrupt the game.

In the US, the legality of sports betting differs from one state to the next. If you are in Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon, most likely you will be able to put on bets. However, it isn’t exactly the case for so many states. So should it be legalized or not?

Majority Still Won’t Support Legalization

In a national survey that was conducted in 2010 by PublicMind, it was discovered that 67% of US respondents don’t actually support the legalization of internet betting websites. Only a minority of 21% mentioned that they are willing to support legalization. Farleigh Dickinson University asked votes whether they are supporting or opposing a federal law that would allow sports betting.

But of course, if you will look at other states such as New Jersey, the numbers are quite different. New Jersey thinks that it is actually a good idea to support legalization.

Benefits of Legalization

So what are the benefits of legalizing sports betting in different parts of the US? First, you have the fact that states can actually generate income from these operations. This means that you can have more resources that can be used for other purposes whether for medical services or for building infrastructure.

In addition to this, it is also less effort on the part of the federal government to chase illegal bookies who are running their operations. This means that in order to be involved in the industry, all you have to do is to register. And because of this, it can minimize the involvement of organized criminals.

Also, it can help make the games become more exciting for its fans. It is even possible for teams and events to generate a good amount of money because of the odds itself.

Disadvantages of Legalizing Sports Betting

But of course, let us not forget that there are also some cons along the way. So what can be the number one concern for those who don’t agree with legalization of sports betting? One, it can influence sports. Whenever there is money involved, you can’t question the possibility of game fixing. There is also the possibility that it can lead to problems among gamblers. Gambling can be highly addictive especially for people who are already at risk.

Should the states simply discuss among themselves if they should legalize sports betting? Or should the federal government step in? If you will look at the differences in opinions, it seems that it is better to simply rely on the states to come up with different rules. This way, it becomes easier to manage and have subtle differences in the way they handle things.


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